Sugar OS and XO Laptop

During my control technology class, my classmates and I were introduced to an uncommon operating system that is not really known by general users.

This operating system is called Sugar and is made by the company Sugar Labs. It is an open source operating system which is written using the Python programming language and is run using the Linux Kernel.
Sugar is a simplistic operating system which was originally designed for the "One Laptop Per Child" project which aimmed to provide a laptop for every student in third world countries.

My first impressions about this operating system is that it is very simple to use. This is very good as it will help people who have never had experience with a computer to learn how to use one. The basic shapes and pictures to represent applications makes it simplier for children who do not know a language enough to understand words to learn how to use the OS. The OS provides the essential programs that people will need such as a word processing application, drawing applications, ebook reader and more useful programs.

The class was also introduced to the XO laptop also known as the $100 laptop or OLPC ( One Laptop Per Child). This is a very basic laptop which is designed to work with the Sugar OS. It is a very cheap laptop which can allow third world country students access to an affordable piece of technology to use for learning. It has very nice features for such a cheap price such as WiFI, SD card slot, speakers, a microphone and more.


Bill Kerr said...

I'd like you to think about and gather more information about these issues:
Is Sugar simple or simplistic? What is the purpose and function of an operating system?
Is the xo a very basic laptop or a cheap laptop with advanced features?

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