SuperBrain Activity

Superbrain Activity

Rating 4/5

Superbrain is a variation of the popular game “Mastermind”. The aim of this activity is to figure out the code that the game has chosen using hints given after submitting a configuration. The code is simple a configuration of coloured balls in a line. If you choose a harder level, the length of the code will be longer and harder to discover. During the game you are given hints after each code submission to assist you. A black ball says that one of the coloured balls are the right colour and in the right position. A white ball says that one of coloured balls is the right colour but in the wrong position.

After playing this game I think that this would be suitable for all ages because I believe that anyone would be able to play this game and enjoy it. It is a good challenge for the brain and helps you learn to think logically.

· Entertaining game
· Great challenge for your brain
· Simple and colourful interface

· Activity graphics could be improved
· Not enough levels
· A timer could be added to have a leaderboard

This activity teaches you to think logically by using the hints given to decipher the configuration of the colour ball code. Training this skill will allow you to work effectively with occurrences which require you to do some problem solving.


Bill Kerr said...

Great analysis and well set out

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