Creating SVG's and Changing Suger XO Icon

Today in our control technology class we were given the task to create a svg image for our Sugar OS using HTML Kit.

To create a svg we needed to use graph paper to find x and y co-ordinate points to create the image we desired. I chose to make a smiley face to replace my XO icon on Sugar. We were given a tutorial document so we could understand the basics of using HTML codes. I found it easy because I have done HTML coding before and already understood some of the basics.
Here is an image of the svg I made using HTML kit.

The next task we had to do was to replace the original XO icon with the svg image that we made on HTML kit. Once again we were given a document to show us how to do this. It consisted of using Terminal, Vi editor and basic commands such as rm, cp and mv. It was rather easy again for me again because I have worked with Linux terminals previously to set up some other things.
Here is a screenshot of my svg in the Sugar OS.
I found this activity good because it taught everyone basic commands in Terminal and how to create your own svg using basic co-ordinates and html coding.

Thanks For Reading.
Air Sok


Bill Kerr said...

good job

to be accurate you were using xml which is not exactly the same as html

Joe Bloggs said...

I love the face you made, especially the sticking out tongue. I have enjoyed reading the rest of your blog as well.

Air Sok said...

Thank you Joe for reading my blogs =]
I like the look of emoticon style faces so I decided that it would be fun to make one of my own.

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