Make A Game With Physics!

Our control technology class was told about a competition the teacher was holding to see who could create the best game using the physics activity on Sugar.

The class was told to break up in to small groups and work together to construct a fun and simple game using physics. My group consisted of three members and we all worked on one computer to make the game.

The idea for our game was to throw the ball over the wall and try to get the highest score. The player gets three throws and can use a ball of any size. After the three throws, the balls scores are added up and the player receives their total score. When everyone has had their turn, the person with the highest score wins!

Here is a screenshot of our game:

Thanks for reading fellow bloggers!
Air Sok. =D


KingJamesFan said...

awesome game Air Sok :), I like your name to lol. It was fun playing your game, hope to see more from you


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